Find the colour cards and papers you need, and get this season’s colours statement of interest from the U.K.’s top suppliers.

Use the links below to find the paper and paint you want. Please have a pen and paper (or word processor) handly to note the websites, colours codes and/or paper codes you require.
statement of interest
Remember colours can vary according to the monitor settings on your computer. For most accurate results please order a colour card /matchpot from the manufacturer’s website. This will be posted out to you and be delivered quicker than we can get it to you (we do not carry colour cards in stock). We will usually use the trade version of the colours you chose as this is far superior to the consumer paint that “DIY barns” supply and provides a proper professional finish. This paint is more expensive but for good reason.

Hold On There! Please let us order the right materials for you (that’s what you are paying us for). It can be tempting to start ordering paint and paper – but some words of caution. Firstly G.T.Connell can often buy in bulk and at a discount. Secondly if you order too little this can seriously delay the finish of a job (as there are always other jobs waiting) – we can’t paint if there’s no paint to paint with! Lastly ordering too much only wastes you money. Look, discuss, let us “quote you happy” and then relax and let us take care of all the details.